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Peter, I am being so blessed through the things I have been reading on this web page. Thank you, Thaddeus Boyd North Carolina, USA

Thaddeus Boyd (04/04/2024)

Thank you for your continuing ministry through this content, articles and meditations on scripture. Much appreciated in today’s world.

Ian Murdoch (14/01/2024)

We seem to share a lot of views. We are Old School Baptists here in America.

Guillermo Santamaria (08/09/2023)

Great magazine and excellent website, Thank for all your hard work it is a blessing to me and my family. The truth is so rare, may the LORD continue to bless you!

Tim Murray (7/21/22) (21/07/2022)

“Beginning with Moses and all the prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself,” (Luke 24:27)

Nick Androlewicz (19/09/2021)

Very good read and I also found it helpful. Thanks

Rev. Dr. Colin Ryan (04/12/2019)

Great website, lots of good articles proclaiming God’s truth in a world of spiritual fluff.

Graham Neville (14/08/2019)

Wonderful site; terrific content. God be praised. Regards from Tennessee, USA

Theodore Zachariades (31/07/2018)

A really great resource and a lovely website. Very simple and easy navigation. The articles are always encouraging and helpful.

Martin Kelly (18/03/2018)

Very interesting. It strikes a deep chord with me as I view much of what passes for the ‘church’ today. I shall be reading more of the articles in coming days.

Andrew Hall (05/03/2017)

Found New Focus through Allan Jellett website. Will be using it for future resources thanks so much and everything looks great here.

Timothy Hall Burnett (02/02/2017)

What a joy to find that the true gospel is still being proclaimed and sound doctrine being upheld. Thank you for earnestly contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

William R. Duncombe (03/12/2014)

Sound doctrine delivered in a pleasingly forthright manner. Due reverence observed to the preachers and ministers from history. Modern preachers and pastors published within the parameters of the articles of faith. All in all a reliable, trustworthy and faithful magazine and collection of articles to warm the heart and soul of today’s saints in the world. I Pray God, The Father of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will honour this work by His Blessed Spirit.

Michael Kelly (01/08/2014)

I am interested in attending the forthcoming conference. Many thanks.

Julian Smithe (20/04/2014)

Excellent Site with Christ Exalting Articles, Sermons, and Magazine. We Praise Christ with You from Northern Kentucky, USA Got here via Brother Ian Potts site.

Ron U (09/02/2014)

Dit zijn mijn vrienden in JEZUS CHRISTUS .

Cornelis T. J.H.Heuvelman (25/01/2014)

Just learned of this site when I listened to Bro. Fortner’s message (CD) given @ the church (Sunday) after the conference last June. Hope all is well with you and family. Looking forward to using the site..... thanks

Barbara R. Owen (18/11/2013)

It is pleasing to know that you chose “Pioneer Peak” -- overlooking the beautiful Matanuska Valley in Palmer, Alaska as the cover for the August 2013 New Focus Magazine. The Lord has blessed us immensely by providing you to preach His word to His flock here in Alaska. We look forward to many more conferences with you. I like your efforts in web-authoring this site and the e-publication of the New Focus Magazine. Many thanks to the Lord for providing these resources in order to convey His message to us all.

Ed Luteran (30/07/2013)

I think the new site is looking very good and provides easy access to the magazines and other resources. Thank you for all your work to keep it going in the face of extreme contrary pressures. It provides a distinctive and faithful public presentation of the true gospel that is so much needed in an age of such ‘evangelical’ deception that could deceive even the elect if that were possible, but praise God it isn’t.

Allan Jellett (15/01/2013)

We think the new website is excellent! This site just like its predecessor is a great source of encouraging and challenging articles, willing to proclaim Sovereign Grace. The new format makes it even easier to find and browse articles and resources. We hope this site is found by many others as it will be a wonderful blessing to the elect of God.

David, Fiona, Murin, Eden & Lawson Birks (20/12/2012)

Well done on the new-look site! Thanks be to God for all his gifts. May the site be used by him to bring glory to his name and bless his elect people with great joy in the Holy Spirit.

Paul Forrest (16/09/2012)

Dear brothers
Nice Site, I first heard about New Focus from a small Mp3 reading of John Newtons “A point I long to know” letter I downloaded from sermon 
Keep up the good work and I will be blessed by it and am presently enjoying the encouragement I find here.
There is a great spiritual famine here in Montana for anything with substance and I my self struggle, but just to know that those that have gone on before us also had struggles greatly encourages me.
May the LORD continue to bless your ministry.
Glen Bohlander
Hamilton, MT

Glen Bohlander (12/09/2012)

Excellent articles... I thank God for bringing me to this website.

Cesar Delgado (02/04/2012)

I am very pleased to see this coming from the United Kingdom. I thought there was nothing about God left in the UK. I thought secularism had engulfed everything and there is nothing left about God. So to see this truth in the UK has given me the hope that God is not ‘dead’ like Bernard Shaw predicted. This is light for those that sit in darkness. Please open a Facebook link so that we can post spread the good news. Let the world see JESUS' light shine. Let us make it known to the world that the truth of God is still here with us. And that they that seek Him shall find Him in His truth.
God Bless you for having a heart for Him.

Samuel Sefa-yeboah (03/03/2012)

Being a new subscriber to New Focus, I have enjoyed the publication tremandously and feel you have made a good decision to continue online. You may keep my latest subscription monies for whatever your needs are. . .the material you share is gold and very edifyiing. I love the “old paths”. God bless!

Mrs. Sherry Gooodwin, USA (10/02/2012)

Just arrived, but am sure I will refer to your articles often since they seek to present the truth.

Bob Hubner (13/01/2012)

I am so glad to have found your site. I am trying to receive your magazine. I do hope I will be able to. Thank you so, much for your sound doctrine of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am blessed to be going to a church which teaches this doctrine in Ashland, Ky. The Hurrican Road Church. Our Pastor teaches us this same doctrine and to then find your site is just wonderful. I found you through a link from Henry Mahan’s site. May the Lord continue to bless this site and your magazine.

Brenda A Coleman 10/20/2011 (21/10/2011)

I am a recent subscriber; I profit from every issue & every author. I think you are meeting the objective you state on your masthead; I will read/study every issue until I pass on or you quit publishing it (perish the thought).

Robert A Johnson (28/07/2011)

I have been very encouraged reading New Focus since I became aware of it a few years ago. What other journal in the UK holds forth THE Gospel, instead of the Arminian errors that hold so strong in the UK churches these days ? The only other journals which come to mind are “The Gospel Standard” and “The Ministry of the New Testament” (John Metcalfe.) May New Focus continue in its single-purpose of setting forth the pure Gospel of Sovereign Grace. Thank you, Peter, and all associated with the publication of the magazine and website ; your efforts are appreciated by many.

Cliff Wade (17/02/2011)

This site was recommended to me by Darvin Pruitt and I am thrilled that you have a gospel of grace magazine for those who are hungry cannot wait to subscribe- thank you from Hungry for truth in Michigan

James England (14/02/2011)

Well done magazine and website. Thank you for the good work, and may the Lord continue to bless you in it.

Chris Cunningham (26/11/2010)

Gospel Grace on this site. A refreshing antidote to Arminianism and duty faith and related “works-righteousness”

J Jones (12/09/2010)

Appreciate this website. A friend reminded me; I had not been here in a while, but will be back more often ... and will recommend! Thanks, Brother.

Wylie Fulton (16/07/2010)

this sight is somehow refreshing to me, and is greatly encouraging to me as a calvinist. ps please try to get pastor Don to come up to scotland!

Robbie Mackintosh (03/04/2010)


harry l. harmon (21/07/2009)

I love your site. Thank you for publishing the true gospel of Christ.

R. Bruce Atkisson (20/05/2009)

Just received the new focus magazine. It is a pleasure to read this free grace magazine where the Truth of Free Grace is well exposed and in no way is it our work but God manisfesting in us by Jesus Christ. Looking forward to receive the new issue. Thank you for your good work.

Bossard Jean-Jacques (10/04/2009)

I have come to your site in a round-about way via reading a few of the biographical works of George Ella, who surely ought to be counted as one of the premier historians/biographers of our era. Intend to order the New Focus Magazine soon.

D. R. Leach (09/04/2009)


bossard jean-jacques (02/04/2009)

It is a fine thing to find another person interested in the fine Christian man Augustus Toplady. I shall when I am able to afford to buy the book.

H. Girling (15/11/2008)

Your website is most valuable. Thank you for the articles upholding the full truths of GRACE, without any mixture of “free-offerism” or “common-grace-ism.” May God prosper your effort in these times of great laxity in clear Bible doctrines among those who profess to be “Reformed” or “Calvinistic.”

Wylie Fulton (01/11/2008)

A great site have learned much.

Bill Julian (22/08/2008)

I think this website is excellent! A much needed ministry in these days. May the Lord continue to bless you as you proclaim His Truth in these days!

Kevin Anderson (17/08/2008)

scott barton ca usa

scott barton (11/08/2008)


REV. DR. JOHN GILMORE (22/07/2008)

It’s encouraging.

tamy agnes (08/07/2008)

We love to read the magazine and really enjoyed the New Focus conference at the end of March. We really appreciate all your hard work and faithful ministry.

David and Fiona Birks (02/05/2008)

Thank you for the ministry of New Focus may you know God’s blessing in this service.

william meney (21/02/2008)

I have finished Law & Gospel but will be re-reading it for some time. I have yet to find anything he has written concerning Gill, Hervey, Toplady, Cowper, Huntington etc. etc. available for download with which I disagree. I live in the “colonies” & am trying to subscribe.

Robert A. Johnson (16/01/2008)

Nice stuff in the magazine. May you be enabled to keep it up.

Terry Bellamy (15/10/2007)

George Ella’s view of NCT is seriously lacking in credibility. If he expects to convince the reader, given all of the evidence to the contrary on the Internet, that NCT is as he describes it then he will soon be found out.

E.R. (10/09/2007)

Dear Peter,

You website and resources concerning the Sovereign grace of our Lord God is really great.

Through the articles and books from your site I received good spiritual food for my soul.

Kind regards & united in the fellowship of the Truine God.

Ralph Wilms (The Netherlands)

Ralph Wilms (The Netherlands) (26/04/2007)

High time I signed your Guest book! An excellent site and magazine, highly recommended. May our Sovereign God mightily bless the sending forth of His word in these days, to the praise and glory of His precious Name.

Thanks for all your tireless efforts in His service, Peter.

In Christ and By His Grace Alone,

Ian Potts ( (14/03/2007)


I liked the 1644/1646 declaration of Faith. The Gospel that saves is the most potent powerful message of all time, that will never change. Praise and Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Allan Cleghorn, outdoor preacher, Edinburgh, Scotland (19/11/2006)

I just read two of the articles.Your site is so refreshing, your articles are biblical and straight forward. Thanks.

Don Bell (09/11/2006)

Greetings from Brazil!

Thanks for being so bold and biblical.

God bless His work through His servants' hands!

Rogério Portella (03/11/2006)

Very interesting & truths that the church in America is badly in need of.

Gilbert Helvie (10/10/2006)

It is fantastic to have a site which is so accessible while still being full of sound doctrine. We pray God will bless you as you continue to teach these wonderful truths.

David and Fiona (03/07/2006)

Excellent sovereign grace magazine, best there is, thats our opinion -

George and Rose Fenton (02/07/2006)

I like your new look site. Keep up the good fight! :)

Pastor Jim (30/06/2006)

I read some of the articles on your site. they will help me in discussions with people at my church - thanks

Brenda (27/06/2006)

New Focus is my favourite magazine by far. Excellent site, too. Looking forward to meeting you again brother.

Paul Forrest (29/05/2006)

Found your site this morning - very interesting.

Charles (09/05/2006)

Hi I’m new here but its been interesting to read your articles

Steve Simpson (09/05/2006)

Thanks for a good site. From Africa

Jack Armi (08/05/2006)

I get your magazine from my pastor, Don Fortner and enjoy it tremedously. I am glad that now I have also found your website. God continue to give you grace to stand firm in His truth.

Ron Wood (30/04/2006)

You are standing on a solid foundation.
Great doctrine and teaching. It is a pleasure knowing you.

Malcolm Turner. (22/03/2006)

This looks like it is coming along really well.

David and Fiona (17/01/2006)

We have been receiving your magazine for some time and enjoy them very much. May Our Lord Jesus bless you abundantly as you seek to Honor Him.

Don Bell (05/01/2006)