That the Purpose of God According to Election Might Stand
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My Desires On A Sunday Morning

Daniel Herbert | Added: Apr 13, 2019 | Category: Poems


Where shall I find my God to-day?

Where do God’s people meet to pray?

For I would join in praise and pray’r;

Lord, tell me who, and tell me where.

I want to go and hear of Him

Who died to put away my sin.

I seem to feel a heav’nly frame,

I want to praise my Saviour’s name.

Where shall I go? Where is the place

Where I can hear ’tis all of grace

Salvation finish’d and complete

For all Jehovah’s chosen sheep?

O Lord, direct my steps aright,

Where I may catch a blessed sight

Of Him who bled upon the tree,

Of Him who bled and died for me.

No other sight will do for me,

But Calv’ry’s mount, but Calv’ry’s tree

Because I know my mighty sum

Was paid off there by God the Son.

To God’s own house I would repair,

Where Christ is preach’d I would be there,

I long to hear my Saviour’s voice,

And with God’s ransom’d ones rejoice.

Lord, I’ve been wretched all the week:

Where do Thy chosen people meet?

Where can I go to meet with Thee,

Salvation preach’d both full and free?

O could I find the blessed spot,

’Tis there I would cast in my lot,

Where I can go and hear of Him

Who died to put away my sin.

Because I was belov’d of God,

I was redeem’d by precious blood,

These are the tidings suit my case,

Some like to have it works and grace.

How I rejoice to hear that man

Who’s not asham’d to preach the plan,

Redemption’s plan, both full and free,

Redemption settled on the tree.

Arminians may say what they please,

God will accomplish His decrees;

His purpose was to save that man

He chose in His eternal plan.

’Tis only those shall see His face,

’Tis only those He calls by grace,

Because they were belov’d of God

Christ hath redeem’d them with His blood.

Daniel Herbert was a preacher and writer of hymns and poems. He published three volumes, entitled “Hymns and Poems, doctrinal and experimental, for the Citizens of Zion who are longing to know their Election of God, and who love Evangelical Truths.” Vol. 1, 1801; Vol. 2, 1819; Vol. 3, 1827. He was a minister at the Great Meeting House, Sudbury. He lived in Plough Lane and was buried in All Saints churchyard, on the north side of the church.The parish register contains this entry: Daniel Herbert Sen., of this parish. Died 29th Aug 1833. Buried 5th Sep 1833. Aged 82 Years, (a widower).