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The Sun Behind The Cloud

Added: Oct 10, 2023 | Category: Poems


Oh, do not think, dear child of God,

In every trying hour,

That thou art left a lonely one

In Satan’s grasping power.

No, no! ’tis true thy light’s withdrawn,

And thy complaints are loud;

But recollect, dear child of God,

The sun’s behind the cloud.

The bright and heart-reviving sun

Is an unchanging sphere;

It undergoes no varied form,

No change from atmosphere;

And so, thy Jesus is the same,

Though sorrow may enshroud;

He loves thee with undying love,

Although behind the cloud.

Thy pathway, thorny as it seems,

Is yet so wisely planned,

That every step is ordered by

A loving Father’s hand.

Then recollect, dear child of God,

That though so sadly bowed,

All’s well, all’s well, e’en though it be

Thy sun’s behind the cloud.

Soon there will be no shading clouds

In that sweet land of peace,

Where briny tears are wiped away,

And sorrows ever cease.

Ah! There thou’lt see Him face to face,

Amidst that happy crowd,

And never more shalt sadly say:

“My sun’s behind the cloud.”

Then think not, trembling child of God,

Because thou hast no light,

That thy dear Lord is not the same

Because He’s out of sight.

No, no! He sees thy low estate,

He knows thy head is bowed,

And He is Jesus – Jesus still,

Although behind the cloud.