That the Purpose of God According to Election Might Stand
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The Great Transaction

Tobias Crisp | Added: Jul 14, 2009 | Category: Theology


Mark it well, Christ himself is not so completely righteous, but we are as righteous as he was. Nor are we so completely sinful, but he became (being made sin) as completely sinful as we.

Nay more, the righteousness that Christ hath with the Father, we are the same, for we are ‘made the righteousness of God’. And that very sinfulness that we were, Christ is made before God. So that here is a direct change. Christ takes our persons and condition, and stands in our stead. We take his person and condition, and stand in his stead.

What the Lord beheld Christ to be, that he beholds his members to be. What he beholds them to be in themselves, that he beheld Christ himself to be. So that if you would speak of a sinner, supposing him to be a member of Christ, you must not speak of what he manifests, but of what Christ was. If you would speak of one completely righteous, you must speak and know that Christ himself is not more righteous than he is.

And that that person is not more sinful than Christ was when he took his sins on him. So that if you will reckon well, beloved, you must always reckon yourself in another’s person, and that other in yours. And until the Lord find out transgressions of Christ’s own acting, he will never find one to charge upon you.