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The Time Of Love

Kathleen Vick | Added: Apr 02, 2023 | Category: Theology


Lo! I have loved thee, thou art Mine,

thy substance did I see;

Before I formed thee in the womb,

you were a part of Me.

Jerusalem, My holy child,

(’though born in sin’s disgrace);

Salvation from thy God received,

when JESUS took thy place.

Before the moment of thy birth,

My love to thee was sealed;

I knew you would abandoned be,

within the open field.   

Of Canaan’s land, thy origin,

of Adam’s progeny;

Thy mother and thy father, fiends,

who had no love for thee.

They treated you with cruelty on

the day that you were born;

They did not wash, nor swaddle thee,

but cast thee out, forlorn.

None eye was found to pity thee;

Poor sinner! Left to die!

The jaws of hell were open wide,

when JESUS Christ passed by.   

For every cov’nant child of God,

the time of love will come;

(His glorious grace, though not for all,

will be revealed to some.)

When Christ the LORD was crucified,

provision had been made;

And then, in time, you will be taught,

that your sin-debt is paid.

Divine appointments must be kept,

and so, the Son draws near;

The Word He speaks is like a sword,

that pierces heart and ear.

“Yea, live!” He cries, and spreads His skirt,

upon your nakedness;

He washes you with water pure,

anoints with oil, to bless.

He covers with embroidered work,

with silk and badgers’ skin;

He girds thee with fine linen pure,

and puts away your sin.

A chain of gold, a gorgeous crown,

a jewel upon your brow;

All gifts His love bestows on thee, 

“I AM your Husband now!”

O love the LORD, Jerusalem,

resolve to never stray;

The world and other lovers will,

beguile you in The Way.

If perseverance to the end,

was to thy merit due;

All would be lost! But Christ is made

a Surety for you.