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Augustus Montague Toplady

Augustus Montague Toplady: A Debtor To Mercy Alone

£26.95 from New Focus

Category: Biography | ISBN:978-0-9527074-5-5

Wherever Christian hymns are sung, Rock of Ages will be heard. From its first publication in the Gospel Magazine it has been treasured by millions who have found comfort and encouragement from its words. The hymn has been carried by migrants to new lands, planted by missionaries on distant shores and circled the globe far from its beginnings in a small Derbyshire village.

Yet few will know anything of Augustus Montague Toplady, the hymn’s author. His many other hymns and essays, his powerful preaching ministry and his passion for the defence of the gospel of Jesus Christ are waiting to be discovered by a new generation. Few too, will know personally, his God and Saviour, the great Rock of Ages of whom he wrote and many now sing.

The book, comprising a biography of Toplady and an anthology of his writings, certainly meets the need of revealing the man behind the hymn. In the will of God it may serve the purpose of introducing readers to the Saviour Toplady loved and served, and the great truths of sovereign grace that energised and motivated his work.

Publisher: Go Publications