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James Hervey Preacher of Righteousness

James Hervey: Preacher Of Righteousness

£12.95 from New Focus

Category: Biography | ISBN:978-0-9527074-2-4

"Whilst a student for the ministry I read Bishop Ryle’s Christian Leaders and was thus introduced to James Hervey. I have always been grateful for that introduction to this humble servant of God who lived in obscurity yet exercised a powerful ministry.

James Hervey was one of God’s special witnesses to the truths of the gospel in his day and a powerful advocate of the doctrines of grace. His sole aim was to declare the whole counsel of God without fear or favour. His great love for Christ and the souls of men is evident for all to see in his writings. He was a man with a burning heart who fanned the flames of devotion in others.

Apart from J C Ryle’s essay in Christian Leaders, I have come across very little over the years relating to Hervey. This book fulfils a real need and will serve to bring Hervey before the present generation.

Maurice Handford (past-Editor of The Gospel Magazine)

Publisher: Go Publications