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More Mountain Movers

More Mountain Movers: Champions Of The Faith: Champions of the Faith

£16.95 from New Focus

Category: Biography | ISBN:978-0-9548624-0-4

A companion volume to Dr Ella’s popular biographical essays from church history. Meet old friends and discover new champions of the faith from right across the denominational divides.

Dr Ella’s broad knowledge and passion for church history is evident on every page and a delight to behold. The easy style and dozens of illustrations bring to life the characters of this book and show how their lives and times still have much to teach us today.

The challenges of the Christian life can be great. Sometimes they appear overwhelming, rising up from the ground like great mountains to hem in the people of God and block out the sun. At such times Christians must lean upon their Lord and learn the real meaning of trusting Jesus Christ.

Throughout the history of the church men and women have faced such mountains and overcome tremendous opposition by faith. Their experiences echo down the years as examples of the goodness and mercy of God.

Dr Ella has collected some of these stories and presents them to us in short, clear, biographical accounts. Here you will discover people who by faith moved mountains, as the Lord said his followers would. The stories are inspiring, encouraging and illuminating.

More Mountain Movers is the second volume of key individuals from church history that Dr Ella has given us. This is no narrow denominational collection but a gathering of faithful saints from many countries who shared faith in God and firm belief in sovereign grace. Their life experiences still speak to us today. This is not a book about hill climbers. It is the testimony of Mountain Movers.

Publisher: Go Publications