That the Purpose of God According to Election Might Stand
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Mountain Movers

Mountain Movers: Champions Of The Faith: Champions of the Faith

£16.95 from New Focus

Category: Biography | ISBN:978-0-9527074-4-8

God promises us salvation through many tribulations. Our lives as Christians will not be free from hardship and disappointment. It has always been so. Throughout history the service of God’s children has been marked by great struggle in difficult circumstances. Yet, despite seemingly overwhelming odds, mountains have been moved, kingdoms laid low and Christ’s gospel vindicated in the lives of ordinary men and women.

Dr Ella writes personally of just such men and women as this. Champions of the faith every one, yet often largely overlooked or forgotten. Employing all his skill as a historian and biographer Dr Ella introduces us to new heroes and re-acquaints us with some old friends.

This book will inspire young people to value and maintain their Christian heritage. It will encourage those who are a little longer in the way to press on persistently in their christian service, especially when the path becomes rocky and hard. Its short chapters and wide range of subjects will provide something for everyone.

Publisher: Go Publications