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The Troublemakers at Frankfurt

The Troublemakers At Frankfurt: A Vindication Of The English Reformation

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Category: History | ISBN:978-1-908475-12-1

It may seem surprising that the experience of a small group of exiled Christians in the German city of Frankfurt in 1554 should be the subject of a book written almost 450 years later. The Maryan exiles, as they have come to be known, fled or were expelled from England during the reign of Queen (Bloody) Mary.

Yet, when we realise that this small group of believers contained some of England’s foremost evangelical thinkers such as Bale, Grindal, Cox, Lever, Becon, Samson, Whitehead, Jewel and Martyrologist John Fox and that they, in turn, were interacting with such reformation leaders as John Calvin, John Knox, Philip Melancthon, John Laski, Valerand Poullain and Peter Martyr, we soon see how significant this period was in the Reformation history of England.

Sadly, however, the significance of this period has not always been employed properly. In later centuries political and revolutionary factions, and their apologists, have sought to revise and re-interpret the Frankfurt story to satisfy their claims of ecclesiastical pedigree and doctrinal purity.

By careful research Dr Ella has reconstructed the Frankfurt story from careful comparisons and original documents to revealed some quite revolutionary evidence of his own. He has shown that sometimes those most maligned by later writers had right on their side and those who are championed as the greatest reformers are, in fact, the villains of the piece.

Publisher: Go Publications