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Common Grace And The Call Of The Gospel

£16.95 from New Focus

Category: Theology | ISBN:978-1-908475-09-1

Some people describe Common Grace as God’s good gifts of sunshine and rain. Some see it in terms of human excellence in art, sport or music. Others discern the restraining hand of God making people less wicked than otherwise they might be, or the structures of law and order that keep the world from degenerating into anarchy and chaos.

Is Common Grace more than this? Can we, as some try to, interpret common grace in terms of universal love, general mercy and God’s desire to save all mankind? Can we use common grace to sincerely offer salvation to all, even to those whose sins are not atoned for in Christ’s death? Dr Ella tackles these questions and Biblically assesses the theories of recent writers who confuse common grace with saving grace. He demonstrates the close Biblical connection between Christ’s atoning sacrifice and the genuine gospel call.

Publisher: Go Publications