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Discovering Christ In Philippians

£22.00 from New Focus

Category: Theology | ISBN:978-1-908475-23-7

Pastor Don Fortner’s series of studies ‘Discovering Christ’ has been added to and augmented by this delightful volume, Discovering Christ in Philippians. I stressed ‘Pastor’ Fortner because this study is intensely pastoral and eminently suitable for all who have a desire to understand the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the application and outworking of that gospel in the lives of individuals and the life of the local church. Here the Apostle Paul, in prison and awaiting death in Rome, writes to caring friends; encouraging, advising & admonishing them in such matters as are truly important in life such as joy, patience, contentment and faith.

All of these qualities Paul possessed notwithstanding his present circumstances, and Don Fortner shows us how discovering the blessedness of real and meaningful union with Jesus Christ is the source and fulfilment of them all in Paul’s life and in the lives of all who trust Christ as Lord and Saviour. I can thoroughly recommend this title, though short in length it is long on pastoral wisdom and comforting spiritual insights.