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Covenant Of Grace

The Covenant Of Grace: And The People Of God

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Category: Theology | ISBN:978-1-908475-15-2

This is a fine defence of the integrity of the pan-Biblical covenant and the faithful and consistent testimony of God to His church and people in every age. I particularly found Dr Ella’s thoughts concerning the international nature of God’s covenant promises in the Old Testament helpful and refreshing. I enjoyed, too, his thoughts on how a singular view of Jewish covenant applicability is too narrow.

It has struck me for a long time how frequently the Lord was pleased to send the gospel outside of Israel’s borders. Did not Joseph take the gospel to Egypt? Naaman certainly carried the gospel back to Syria where there was already at least one believer in Damascus, a little servant girl who evangelised her peers. Mordecai and Esther’s greatness in the court of the Medes and Persians was immense and we are told many believed because of them. Daniel’s influence was considerable in Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar had wonderful revelations of God’s glory. The history of Balaam and Balak betrays a keen awareness amongst surrounding nations of God’s covenant dealings with His people. These things were not hid. Jonah’s testimony in Nineveh was powerful and if we may take the scripture testimony at face value, and we should, many, many believed God. This was a huge, huge city of antiquity and the vast majority must surely have been Gentiles.

Wise men came from the east seeking the King of the Jews. Even the Lord’s dealings with the Syrophenician woman who by the Saviour’s own testimony possessed great and genuine faith shows covenant grace was never restricted to a single race. She was a Canaanite by birth and abode, but was truly one of the lost sheep of the house of Israel whom the Lord had come to seek and to save. Gentiles knew grace and were blessed in the Covenant of Peace long before the gospel was sent more fully to the Gentiles in the great commission.

This volume goes forth with the prayer and sure confidence that the same grace that always saved sinners by bringing them to a knowledge of the truth will be instrumental in opening the eyes of God’s elect till the last lost sheep is gathered and the fulness of the truth as it is in Jesus is known the world over. Then the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.