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John Gill & The Cause of God And Truth

John Gill And The Cause of God And Truth

£12.95 from New Focus

Category: Biography | ISBN:978-0-9527074-0-0

"From the beginning men who obviously never read Gill warned me of what they called his ‘tendencies toward Hyper-Calvinism and Antinomianism’. Having read almost everything Gill wrote, I am still searching for even a hint of these ‘tendencies’. Instead, I have found in all his writings the most faithful exposition of Holy Scripture, a consistent Christ-centred, Christ-exalting theology, and a constant, robust declaration of God’s free and sovereign grace in Christ. Very few days have passed since my first introduction to Gill in which I have not read something from his pen. He is, by far, m favourite writer.

George Ella has been used of God to give the Christian public an opportunity to understand and appreciate one of the giants of church history in this thoroughly researched biography. As I recommend Gill’s writings to anyone who wants to understand the Bible, I heartily recommend George Ella’s biography to anyone who wants to understand Gill."

Don Fortner from the foreword

Publisher: Go Publications